We're Hiring: Apparel Designer

November 28 2018

Team Liquid is expanding its apparel design team with a full-time designer who will strengthen merchandise as a pillar of our brand. An apparel designer at Team Liquid will work closely with the creative director and commerce department to pitch, develop, and brainstorm new ways of expressing the Team Liquid brand through our products. Applicants must be willing to think differently, challenge norms, and thrive in an environment of open feedback and rapid growth.

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One (1) Apparel Designer

Job Title: Apparel Designer.
Type: Full Time.
Location: Santa Monica.
Reports to: Art Director, Creative Director, Head of Commerce.

A successful candidate is:

  • Brand Aware. Our fandom is represented in our merch, and our ideal candidate must be able to express Team Liquid's identity through our designs.
  • Collaborative. Working with various departments will be a big part of our apparel designer's routine, and drawing inspiration and ideas from across our different contributors will be key.
  • Adaptable. Our ideal candidate should have the ability to design for production and account for different processes, materials, and garments.
  • Prompt. Meeting deadlines and operating within timelines is an important part of organizing a successful drop.
  • Passionate about design, art and fashion. Strong visual skills and an artistic eye are basic necessities for our ideal candidate.
  • A fan of esports and gaming culture. Of course, being a Team Liquid fan would be even better.


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
  • Expertise in design and creative software suites, and proficiency in communication software and basic applications like Slack and Google suite.
  • Bachelor's degree or comparable experience in design, fashion, or relevant fields.
  • Knowledge of the cut & sew process, pattern-making, and fabrics.
  • Knowledge of production materials and methods such as screen printing, sublimation, embroidery, etc.
  • Experience in collaborative and high-feedback areas or fields.
  • At least 1-2 years fashion, apparel, or design experience.
  • Proven experience in creative workflows: brainstorming and ideation, design, execution, production and promotion.
  • Interest in creating a Liquid Onesie is a plus.

Job Description/Responsibilities:

  • Develop collections and individual pieces both standalone and with provided themes and direction, all within prompt time frames and deadlines.
  • Create and execute visual strategies and campaigns around merchandise both internally to the organization and externally across multiple consumer touch points.
  • Collaborate and interchange feedback with commerce and creative departments to uphold a visual standard.
  • Collaborate and interchange feedback with branding department and leadership to uphold brand language.
  • Communicate and interface with external clients and vendors to ensure visual consistency in production.
  • Review and give feedback during all stages of product development from concept to creation.
  • Communicate the Team Liquid brand and expand its fanbase through meaningful design and execution.
  • Evaluate all projects and optimize accordingly with a results-driven mindset.
  • Assist in the development of quarterly, yearly creative plans and strategy.
  • Present and communicate solutions and ideas clearly and effectively to various stakeholders.

Application Process

To apply, please send your cover letter, portfolio and resume to careers@teamliquid.net with the subject line "Attn: Apparel Designer Application".

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