Team Liquid Newsletter July 2017
The Summer is officially here, and things are starting to heat up for our teams. Everyone's busy with qualifiersleagues and other events, so there's a lot of Liquid on the calendar. One team that's having a bit of a break? Our Dota squad. But hey, they just won Epicenter and locked in their invite for TI.

This is traditionally a very busy time for our Smash and SF players, and we've compiled a handy Infographic to guide the fledgling fan. Hungrybox and Du are certain to collect their fair share of titles throughout this season, and EVO is just around the corner.

Liquid Around the Web

Liquid`Dota wins Epicenter 2017 and defends title.

Jeff Vinik Announced as Co-Chair of Esports Ownership Group aXiomatic
In business news [editor's note: please read in your best news anchor voice], Jeff Vinik, owner of the Tampa Bay Lightning, joined aXiomatic as its co-Executive Chairman earlier this month. If you know about the Lightning, then you know that Jeff is one of the most lovable owners in the NHL. Crossing our fingers we see hometown hero Du at the 50 yard line soon.

OG, EG, and Team Liquid headline TI7 invites
Yep, Team Liquid will be back at The International once again. We won't have to go through the grueling grind of qualifiers after a spectacular past two months. We've faced our ups and downs throughout the year, but we've still proven ourselves as one of the most feared squads in Dota.

Slingshot Interviews Twistzz, interviews Inori
Our CS:GO and LoL teams recently added new talent, and Slingshot had conversations with each of them. Twistzz is one of the brightest young talents in North American CS:GO, and he had quite a few things to say about Rank S. On the other side, Inori shared his thoughts on his jungling style and his reasons for switching over to the boys in blue.

Esports Insider Interviews Lasse 'Kongen' Bækkelund
If you haven't seen our spectacular announcement for Bækkelund, then you owe it to yourself to see it. We conducted a man of the match interview with our new player at the time, and EsportsInsider recently gave him a short run around, too.

Team Liquid win Epicenter
Team Liquid is the only team that has ever won an Epicenter event. Okay, sure, there have only been two so far, but 2/2 is a pretty good strike rate. After a rough Day 1 of groups, we managed to recover and crush the competition from there. It was also this win that sealed our TI invite.

And of course, we have our own amazing content, too.
If you've been sleeping on our website over the past month, then you've missed a lot of fantastic articles. First, Nurok taught us how to slay with Genji. Next, MinD_ContRoL revealed intimate details about the team's struggles and his determination to win TI. Twistzz himself had something to prove, and he spoke about his return to ECS with Liquid. Last but definitely not the least, we took a look inside the box to try and understand our enigmatic Juan "Hungrybox" Debiedma.

Oh, and we just released a music video.

Around the World With Liquid: Where We Want to Go
Where do you want to travel to?

Summer is the perfect time to pack your bags and go somewhere, whether it's down to the beach or a country you've never been. Our players are more well traveled than most, but they still have their travel bucket lists. If you're looking for an idea for a trip, then allow our players to make a few recommendations.

Asian Vacation

Luorlo: Seoul. The food was good and I got to play my first international tournament. Good memories.

Piglet: Ga Pyoung. I enjoy the vacation mansions mostly because they smell good and are relaxing to be in.

TLO: Hoping to do a big vacation with my best friend some day and visit lots of Asian countries. Vietnam, Japan, and go to Korea as a tourist for once.

MaNa: Seoul, Korea.

Bunny: Because of esports, I've just about had enough of travelling. However, I do want to visit Japan with friends some day.

MC: Singapore.

US Roadtrip

Ken: Yosemite is really nice, I go there at least once every two years.

Chillin: I love visiting Times Square in NYC. It's just a constant source of action no matter when you visit.

DaHanG: Las Vegas

MESR: Las Vegas

Dog: Disney World

Penguin: Seaside, Oregon.

Beach Boys

stanislaw: The Caribbean, either Cuba or Dominican Republic. Going to a warm place and laying on a beach and swimming in the ocean is the best.

Reignover: Anywhere there is a beach because I like to be able to relax by the sea.

Savjz: The Bahamas

id_: Costa Rica; Done a lot of travelling through Costa Rica, it's an awesome place to see and I highly reccommend it. You can do it for pretty cheap! Just rent a jeep and go.



Neirea: Valencia, Spain.

Sjow: Spain

MATUMBAMAN: Madeira / Azores, Portugal

Miracle-: Poland

GH: Cyprus

Meet Our Staff


The Basics: I'm Alex "FO-nTTaX" Winkler, currently a coder for Liquipedia, working from the Dutch Team Liquid office.

Introduction to esports: The older brother of my best friend was a writer for mTw back in the days, we watched a ton of CS, WC3 and TrackMania.

First esports job: Unpaid, writer on a news site (not Paid, Coder for Team Liquid.

Team Liquid Favorite Liquid moment: HomeStory Cup 7 (TaeJa vs Snute in the finals)

Your esports secret: Victor "Nazgul" Goossens once told us that he has never finished the StarCraft campaign.

Advice for people who want to work in esports: The way in is through volunteering. Pretty much everyone will prefer people they know already when hiring, and volunteering is a good way to get your name out there.


The Basics: I'm Yoni! I'm the Head of Branding. My job encompasses org-wide business development, player management & development, account management, and operations. I've been in/around the TL family for about 2.5 years, initially as the Quest Esports guy who sponsored TL.

Introduction to esports: I worked for Quest Nutrition out of college and was put in charge of Quest's esports initiative, which I ran for 2 years. While there I managed all of Quest's gaming/esports activations across our sponsored teams and streamers, YouTube and Twitch partners, and events. This was also my first esports job.

Favorite Liquid moment: TL LoL defeating TIP at Madison Square Garden. That IWDominate Gragas flash body slam and the Fenix baron steal!

Your esports secret: I've made a fool of myself many times in front of camera, hosting Quest's show Kappa Kitchen and Team Liquid & HTC's show Trials.

Advice for people who want to work in esports: Don't take no for an answer. Find your niche within this growing industry & be ready to work at all times of the day.

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