Team Liquid Newsletter - October 2017

It's been a whole month but we're still on a high. That's what winning The International does. Yet we were busy behind the scenes preparing all sorts of amazing content, from our Wet Hot Liquid Summer comic to our celebratory mini-series, "Champions". Of course, we were still busy competing too, and our CS:GO squad had a healthy month with two silver medals. As the summer draws to a close, it's easy to say that this was definitely one of the most memorable summers in Team Liquid history.

Comic: Wet Hot Liquid Summer

Autumn is almost upon us, but we've got one last piece of fire before the sun sets on summer. We've got a lot of creative minds in Team Liquid staff, and sometimes, our imaginations go wandering. When that happens, we put pencil to paper and don't let our artistic juices go to waste. The results of what may have been heat-wave-induced day dreams: the first official Team Liquid comic. Enjoy. 

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Liquid Around the Web

YouTube Video: Thorin Thinks We're Actually Really Good

And it looks like the rest of the Counter-Strike world is starting to appreciate the squad after back-to-back finals in Mykonos and New York. Dexerto sums up Thorin's Thoughts, while our good friend Stuchiu discusses the team over at Slingshot. Even Dot Esports got in on the action. Expect to see more from us—as long as we avoid more bananas.

stanislaw on nitr0's style as an in-game leader: 'You can honestly say we're polar opposites'
A little more insight into our IGL situation in this interview with theScore. It seems Thorin's analysis is pretty much spot on: nitr0 makes the early round calls with stan feeding information for mid round calls. It's nice to see everyone embracing this new, more structured playbook, and it's working wonders so far.

Good Guy Du
With his home town under siege from Hurricane Irma, NuckleDu was over in Montreal competing at DreamHack. The Champ took home the top prize at the event, and pledged to give his entire prize winning to relief efforts. As one of Street Fighter's biggest ambassadors, Du is showing that he's a champ in and out of the game. We're sure Team Du can attest to that.

UK News Roundup
Okay, maybe not quite a comprehensive news roundup, but interesting to see how two of the UK's bigger tabloids, the Daily Mail and The Sun, now have esports sections. We were featured in both this month, first regarding our new facility in Los Angeles, and next about our new kit being featured in FIFA 2018. Hopefully we don't get Piers Morgan as a fan.

Championship Coverage Continues

What We All Play For
The Players Tribune is a site we all read and admire at Team Liquid, and KuroKy has penned an emotional article about the recent fulfillment of a lifelong dream: winning TI. The Players Tribune has only done three esports articles so far, but we're hoping they continue to give esports a bigger journalistic platform. But hey, we're already doing great work ourselves, right?

1UP tagged along with our Dota team throughout the entire TI event, and we captured some amazing moments during our triumphant and historical run. Words really don't do the occasion justice, so we'll just let you relive the moments through 1UP's lens.

Champions Ep 1   Champions Ep 2
Valve's True Sight
Feel what it's like to be inside the booths of The International finals stage. Valve's True Sight documentaries are always direct, powerful and honest, and this one is no different. That Kuro yell, that pan towards Sccc, you can feel the emotion radiating from the screen. A great accompaniment to our own doc.

True Sight

Meet our Manager
A big part of running a professional team is ensuring that everything is going smoothly in the background. From scheduling scrims and engagements to facilitating personal sessions, the manager makes sure the team doesn't skip a beat. Fun fact, our League of Legends manager actually used to be a part of 1UP Studios, where he showed strong organizational skills and a unique ability to just get things done. Meet: Michael Artress.

What does team management entail? 
I handle sponsorship obligations, execute on contract deadlines, organize and schedule allotted time, maintain and upkeep all facilities, integrate players and help form a team environment, develop practical traits the players can apply to real life settings, critically assess performance and report directly to the owner with any feedback.

Why is having a team manager important? 
There are A LOT of day to day problems or tasks that arise and I take care of them so the players don't have to.

Weirdest player request? 
Either a cappuccino machine for our analyst, Jarge or a girlfriend for Reignover.

Memorable team moment: Winning in relegations. It was a huge weight off our shoulders. So much stress had been piling up and we were finally able to relax and focus on the next season.
Favorite event/LAN story: Don't have any interesting stories...yet. ?? 


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