A Year of Lessons: by Steve Arhancet History of a Smasher DAY THREE: THE NEW TL DOTA 2
  Liquid now powered by AOC Today we are happy to announce our new monitor partner, AOC. The monitor is one of the most important tools in the arsenal of every gamer, and it has become a subject of increasing scrutiny as esports has grown over the years. Liquid and AOC both value player performance and conditions, and we are proud to add a partner who sees eye to eye with us regarding esports.
  Liquid Fuses With Crunchyroll Few things go together quite like anime and video games. That's why Crunchyroll and Team Liquid have partnered up to bring you the best anime, straight from Japan!
StarCraft 2   Snute Wins WCS Copa Intercontinental Before arriving in Mexico City, it had already been a successful year for Snute. Yet one thing was missing: a "WCS" title. That all changed at WCS Copa Intercontinental as Snute slayed three straight Protoss on the way to the title in order to win his first Premier tournament of the year.
StarCraft 2   Introducing Liquid`uThermal After over a week of speculation, we're finally ready to announce the newest addition to our StarCraft II squad: IEM Shanghai Champion, uThermal.
League of Legends   Liquid LoL enters the Gauntlet This weekend, the Regional Qualifier (aptly referred to as “The Gauntlet”) kicks off with with a three match bracket of increasing seed, and worlds qualification to the winner.
Dota 2   JerAx Leaves Liquid After an incredible year as one of the best support players on the planet, JerAx has decided to seek new opportunities. We would like to wish him the best of luck, and know that he'll keep rolling strong wherever he may choose to go.
Overwatch   Welcome rapha The Quake connection continues. After signing DaHanG and id_ over the past few months, we're excited to announce that we are adding one more Quake great to our lineup: Shane "rapha" Hendrixson.
  Scratch that New Product Itch: The TL Raglan Shirt Introducing the Team Liquid Scratch Raglan, a three-fourths length, raglan sleeve shirt.
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