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Welcome: Surgical Goblin, Azilys and Ace Ice to Meet You Liquid`Fr0zen Team Liquid returns to Street Fighter
League of Legends   Olleh's Love Advice Column Get your love advice from the most handsome man in the LCS!
  We're Hiring: Interim Team Chef Team Liquid is seeking an interim Team Chef for 2 months at our new AWTF.
Smash   Salem Joins Liquid We're delighted to announce that we're coming back to Smash 4 with the world's best Bayonetta, Saleem "Salem" Akiel Young.
  We're Hiring: Full Time and Part Time Client Coordinators A successful esports team is more than just a collection of players, coaches and managers. There is a support system that allows our teams to do what they do best, and part of that is interfacing with clients and fulfilling our obligations. We are searching for a full time and a part time client coordinator who can manage our key accounts and keep everyone happy.
CS:GO   CSGO Roster Update: Liquid`NAF Please join us in welcoming NAF back to Team Liquid!
  We're Hiring: Executive Assistant With the AWTF nearing completion, we are searching for an executive assistant who will assist our management team in ensuring that our daily routines go according to plan. Our new facility in Los Angeles will be the envy of all esports, and we need the best to help us be the best.
Dota 2   Liquid Wins StarLadder, Again Wait, this header looks familiar. Didn't we already do this? Well, yes we did, and we did it again. After winning SL i-League Invitational Season 4, we are now 4-time StarLadder champions dating back to StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3, just a little less than a year ago.
Street Fighter 4   Thank You, NuckleDu Three years can feel like an eternity in esports, and entire careers can be defined in that short period of time. NuckleDu accomplished so much during his time on Team Liquid, but sadly, we now part ways with the former Capcom Cup champion.
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