Digital Darlings: Love Letters to the Pros The Ultimate Puff Tier List From the Shoulders of a Giant: Liquid Nesk
Rainbow Six   From Bench to Best: gohaN is Ready to Fight There are a lot of reasons people will remember Guilherme “gohaN” Alf in the far future when discussing Rainbow Six Siege. Mostly positive. Some negative. But either way, you will remember gohaN. And with his new team by his side, he will make sure of it. “I want to be remembered as the captain who brought [home] the world title, no less than that.”
Heroes of the Storm   Thank You, Heroes of the Storm With the end of Blizzard-sponsored events, it is the series between Team Liquid and Gen.G that stands out as the most exciting, most competitive, and most climactic series in the last HGC tournament.
Dota 2   An Introduction to rmN Get to know our new DotA coach rmN- and get some added insight into our TI winning team.
League of Legends   To the Next Level: Jensen Comes Worlds Ready With the addition of Jensen, our plan and intentions are clear.
League of Legends   To the Next Level: CoreJJ Comes to Elevate NA Improvement has always been the name of the game for CoreJJ.
Smash   The Ultimate Research: A Q&A with Salem Ultimate is currently the final frontier of Smash. It’s new. It’s still developing its own unique play style and exploring new techniques. The tier lists change every day. And most of all, “It’s weird.” But in a good way. At least that’s how Salem is describing it.
League of Legends   Men of Myth: Cain, Dodo and Hermes It's difficult to describe just how much a great coach elevates a great team, so much so that the a good coach is often treated as a sort of mythical creature. Cain, Dodo, and Hermes are no men of myth. They are real people putting in the time to turn Team Liquid into champions.
  The Horsepower of Dreams: Team Liquid Partners with Honda Esports is an industry in motion, and it’s important to stay ahead both literally and figuratively. It’s this pursuit of innovation that drives us to do what we do, creating new experiences for our fans, players and partners through gaming. We’ve come a long way since we started, and 2019 will be another great leap forward for Team Liquid — but this time, we’ll be riding in style. We’re thrilled to announce our Official Automobile Partner, Honda!
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February 20
  • MDL Macau
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February 21
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February 22
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  • LCSA: vs. OpTic Gaming Academy
  • Katowice Major
February 23
  • LCS: vs. Echo Fox
February 24
  • Katowice Major
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  • 4 mins@TLDoublelift
    new Kayle looks like a snack but Morg doesn't seem too much different
  • 9 mins@LiquidHbox
    @KeitaroTime I still don’t understand how he managed to make that bomb of that size happen The man knows how to campaign
  • 10 mins@neskwga
    @JoyStiCKR6 Yeah, sorry haha
  • 14 mins@neskwga
    Chegando no Brasil, partiu jogar rankeds em live, joguei muito abaixo do que posso realmente fazer.. irei me dedica…
  • 17 mins@LiquidHbox
    @sadjball not even, I'm just glad the melee fan favorites get to be part of it crossover is healthy for a scene
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