Welcome to #TLOW, Minstrel & id_ Join the Herd! - Volunteers for Social and Writing Hungrybox wins EVO 2016
CS:GO   Liquid Takes Second at ESL One Cologne 2016 It was close but in the end we fell short in the finals of ESL One Cologne. This event was still a great one for the team and one which proves we can never be counted out.
  Did someone say hoodies? HOODIE! Yes, you read that right.
League of Legends   Dardoch's Ambition Young Dardoch put League of Legends at the forefront of his life. He tells us where he started and what he wants now and in the future.
CS:GO   CSGO Fan Meet in Amsterdam! With the Cologne Major coming up, Team Liquid Counter-Strike is taking a break from their Netherlands bootcamp to meet with you in Amsterdam. Looking forward to seeing you there!
CS:GO   A Roster Retrospective by Spencer "Hiko" Martin Spencer “Hiko” Martin looks back on a tumultuous year of changes for Liquid, from the departure of FugLy all the way to the acquisition of Pimp—and everything in between. With the team bootcamping for ESL One Cologne in the Netherlands, it's time for Liquid to prove that a year of growing pains has resulted in a stronger, better squad.
Heroes of the Storm   June 2016 Heroes Update Here's an update to the recent changes to the Heroes of the Storm roster with the addition of Atheroangel and SportBilly.
CS:GO   Pimpin the CSGO Roster As the head coach of Liquid and on behalf of our players, I am very happy to announce Pimp as our 5th player and new rifler after ECS and ESL Cologne.
CS:GO   #TLGO: +jdm -koosta Earlier this month we announced that our roster would undergo a few changes. The first of those changes is a trade: we have acquired Josh "jdm64" Marzano as our new AWPer for koosta, who moves to CLG.
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