Monster Energy
Defense and Redemption Liquid goes to QuakeCon Interview with MinD_ContRoL: Switching Tracks
Smash   DUO: Chillin x Chudat Check out what Chudat and Chillin had to say about each other!
Hearthstone   Scared Shirtless Dog is in trouble! Help him riddle his way through this Un`Goro quiz.
Heroes of the Storm   Welcome Liquid`Zoos Our Heroes of the Storm team just got more formidable as we welcome our new coach, Liquid`Zoos.
Overwatch   Aurace Moves On The past four months have been quite productive for our Overwatch team, and Coach Aurace was a big part of our improvements. However, we have now decided to go our separate ways. Coach Aurace is a talented coach and we are certain that he will make a difference with his new team.
Smash   A Look Inside the Box Learn more about TeamLiquid's own Smash God.
CS:GO   Twistzz: My Return to ECS One year ago, Twistzz was also headed to ECS. This year, however, things have changed.
Halo   Ace Returns Better announcing late than never!
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