Name: Shane Hendrixson Age: Unknown Country: USA


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  • @liquidrapha RT @IamFortyLions: I frag then others frag while @TheUltraLex, @liquidrapha and I watch. FortyLions' Den 13 action starts in an hour BUT B… 11 days
  • @liquidrapha RT @IamFortyLions: AS GWEN STEFANI ONCE SAID...TONIGHT IS THEEEEEEEEE NIGHT! FortyLions' Den 13! @TheUltraLex & @liquidrapha in the press b… 11 days
  • @liquidrapha RT @IamFortyLions: This is insane. Everyone knows @liquidrapha for being an incredibly intelligent player in @Quake but when he starts to p… 12 days
  • @liquidrapha RT @squadmeta: @liquidrapha congrats on hitting 1 million views on @Twitch 12 days
  • @liquidrapha Yo @LiQuiD112 How can I go about redeeming the subs for dubs @jerseymikes ? 14 days
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