Name: Dario Wünsch Age: 26 Country: Germany Liquipedia Profile


  • IEM Season VIII - Sao Paulo
  • HomeStory Cup VII
  • SeatStory Cup
  • @LiquidTLO @TrAiDoS_ @RealHeyoka @Based_Bali @TeamLiquid Vultures. 43 mins
  • @LiquidTLO @Liquid_Bunny @Liquid_MaNa But likewise one can be so concerned to to lose that you forget to win. :o 1 hour
  • @LiquidTLO KEINE BREMSEN @MartinSchulz 1 hour
  • @LiquidTLO Training ZvP on new map pool, then ladder with commentary. 1 hour
  • @LiquidTLO @LordMorgot @Jbeuh77 Merci Bonaparte 4 hours
  • @LiquidTLO @Jbeuh77 @LordMorgot or rather to at least remember a bit here and there :D 4 hours
  • @LiquidTLO @Jbeuh77 @LordMorgot I think it's easier for us to learn French than the other way around. English and German has a lot of french Loanwords 4 hours