Name: Dario Wünsch Age: 26 Country: Germany Liquipedia Profile


  • IEM Season VIII - Sao Paulo
  • HomeStory Cup VII
  • SeatStory Cup
  • @LiquidTLO @RotterdaM08 Channel your inner European Nudist. Should have walked it Proudly. America made you prude. :P 6 hours
  • @LiquidTLO RT @SC2_AVEX: You guys really liked Neo Venice, so I finished the map it was made for. It's uploaded to NA and EU for the mod SABRE. Hope y… 7 hours
  • @LiquidTLO @liquidthermy @InvasionHarstem @LiquidSnute @Liquid_MaNa @Liquid_Bunny @RobTopGames The melody is burned into my brain. 8 hours
  • @LiquidTLO @x5_PiG No problem Professor! 8 hours
  • @LiquidTLO Yay, I won something. Thanks for #TLBootcamp @InvasionHarstem @LiquidSnute @Liquid_MaNa @liquidthermy @Liquid_Bunny 8 hours
  • @LiquidTLO RT @EmSc2tv: Czas na finał! aLive vs @LiquidTLO bo5 9 hours
  • @LiquidTLO Yo Watch, learn how to control mutliprong agression by @x5_PiG 13 hours