Name: Dario Wünsch Age: 26 Country: Germany Liquipedia Profile


  • IEM Season VIII - Sao Paulo
  • HomeStory Cup VII
  • SeatStory Cup
  • @LiquidTLO @Rif_kingz Noice! 8 hours
  • @LiquidTLO @Rif_kingz what's average viewers now compared to then tho? That's way more interesting, peak doesn't mean much imo. 9 hours
  • @LiquidTLO @liquidthermy @Liquid_MaNa @TeamLiquid NOOOOOOOOOOO 11 hours
  • @LiquidTLO @izruts He couldn't come because of uni unfortunately ;; 12 hours
  • @LiquidTLO Last day at the TL bootcamp for us today, it's always so much fun to train in person with the others, IEM Katowice coming up tho! :) 14 hours
  • @LiquidTLO Thank you everyone who played today with us, was really fun ^_^ 2 days
  • @LiquidTLO playing 2v2s with community against my team mates. ^_^ Let's see which team will be best :D 2 days