Team Liquid Climb Out of Relegations

April 04 2017

TeamLiquid entered the Spring Split with high hopes for a brighter future. A solidified support staff, promising young players, and greater ambition seemed like the answer to move past our 4th place woes. And it was, but not in a way we expected.

10 weeks into the Split and a 9th place season finish later, the team narrowly avoids Relegation by defeating eUnited (3-1) and Gold Coin United (3-2) in the Spring Promotion Tournament; something the team never expected to experience. We are, after all, a play-offs--nay--a Worlds contention organization.

But believe us, the last few weeks were troubling and used up as much energy as we had available. Roster shuffles, Steve returning, and even a change in our Head Coach are actions we committed to--actions that constitute as last resorts. And while at the time urgency arose, play-offs seemed like a faded reality, it wasn't realistic. Staying in the LCS became our top priority and was ultimately the best we could muster. We gave a lot to make it happen, but we did it together. When we fall down, we do not stay down.

We'd like to take this opportunity to say sorry to the fans for such a rough road, and thank you for those who stuck with us all the way through. We tried our best to make it better. Now, we look to the Summer and learn from the Spring. Because no matter what, we'll always get back up and continue fighting...

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Writer // Ken Serra
Graphics // Shiroiusagi
Photo Credit // Riot Games, Steve Arhancet, Ken Serra

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