Summer of Smash

June 17 2017

The summer Smash season can be quite a hectic time, especially for a Melee newcomer. Deciding which tournaments to watch can be quite daunting, though following your favorite player (ahem, hopefully Hbox, ChuDat, Chillin and Ken) is a pretty good way to go about it. However, each tournament has its own history, quirks, and unique ideas, and we wanted to make things easier for everyone.

In order to help our fans follow the summer of Smash, we've come up with an infographic with basic information and a short write up of each big tournament. You can also click to expand each one!

[Note: Number of tournaments counts all announced tournaments until the end of 2017. Information accurate as of date of posting.]

Writers: Brandon Bernica, Logan Leavitt
Graphics: Zack

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