Ace Returns

June 20 2017

Better late than never! After some delays, we are finally able to announce that Aaron "Ace" Elam has rejoined Team Liquid from Str8 Rippin, with Rayne going the other way in a trade. Ace spent 9 months on the team between August 2015 and April 2016, and he returns to a squad that is within inches of a major championship. Our result at Halo World Championship 2017 was impressive, but we believe that we can do even better. Ace joins Eco, StelluR and SubZero on our quest to become the best team in Halo.

"Over the past year, our Halo roster has experienced a climb towards the top of the competitive scene. We've gotten better every time we've played, and I think that this change will catapult us to another great improvement. The only improvement from our results lately is 1st, and I'm confident that's something this squad can achieve."

- Caleb Anderson

"Since joining Team Liquid almost a year ago, we've seen some pretty good success with our lowest placing being 3rd. We're looking to break into that next tier and we feel like Ace is the player to help us do that. He's had success in his career winning multiple tournaments and we are confident that he can find that same success with this team"

- Kory Arruda, Coach

We'd like to thank Rayne for helping the team on our best run of results yet, and we're certain he will do wonders for Str8 Rippin.

Currently, the team is competing in HCS North America. We play nV today in heavyweight match, so cheer for Ace as he makes his 2nd debut for Team Liquid. #TLWIN


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