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October 09 2017

Team Liquid competes in a multitude of games all around the world, and a picture is worth a thousand words. We are searching for independent contract photographers to help us capture all of our crucial moments: the march through a crowd of fans, an arena erupting with cheers, intense stage moments, the trophy in our hands, and everything in between.

We are interested in hiring 2-3 photographers for all major regions (North America, Europe, and Asia), for events that our teams will attend. Photographers will be hired on a per-event basis, and these events may include tournaments, conventions, appearances, and sponsor activations.

Team Liquid will provide travel and accommodations for contract photography work exclusive to Team Liquid. Should you desire to work for other organizations during the event, then travel and accommodations will not be provided.

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Event Photographer

Job Title: Event Photographers in Europe, North America and Asia
Type: Contractual (Event-based).
Location: Remote.
Reports to: Head of Social Media.

A successful candidate is:

  • Creative. More than just taking photos, we want to capture the experience of esports in every picture.
  • An experienced traveler. We'll be competing in arenas all around the globe, and our photographers will need to be at ground zero to cover all the action.
  • Courteous. Our photographers will get right into the action, and manners are important to make sure we don't step on any toes.
  • Organized. We like our folders neat and labeled, and our candidate should be able to make browsing photos easy and intuitive.
  • Active. Chasing our team around an arena is not a walk in the park!
  • A model representative. While at an event, our candidate will be representing the Team Liquid brand, and should be responsible and respectful in every way.
  • Timely. In the social media world, the first great picture makes the biggest impact.
  • Flexible. Esports doesn’t sleep. Our candidate does, but they should be mindful of tournament schedules and team activities.
  • Brand Aware. Our sponsors are a key part of our network, our candidate should be aware of our sponsors and not capture conflicting brands/products.
  • A Team Liquid fan. Someone who knows who we are and how we do things.

Required skills, experience and equipment:

  • Excellent verbal English skills.
  • Experience in all aspects of digital photography.
  • Experience as an event photographer for esports or traditional sports events preferred.
  • Proficiency in the use of Adobe Creative Suite and other related software.
  • Owns complete set of event photography equipment, including but not limited to, digital SLR, all appropriate lenses, tripods, and dollys.
  • Possesses a valid passport and all necessary documents to work at assigned events.
  • A degree in digital photography or other related fields is a bonus.

Our event photographers will be tasked with trailing our team and taking pictures of them throughout the assigned event. Photographers will be on call during the entire duration of the event, and will work depending on our team's schedule of activities. Photographers must also review, edit, and select key photographs during the day and forward them to our social media and content teams on a daily basis during the assigned event.

[Note: Team Liquid credits all our photographers, but will retain rights over all photographs taken during the contract period.]

Application Process

To apply, please send your portfolio and resume to " with the subject line "Attn: Event Photographer Application".

Application period ends on October 30th 2017.

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