We're Hiring: Executive Assistant

February 05 2018

With the AWTF nearing completion, we are searching for an executive assistant who will assist our management team in ensuring that our daily routines go according to plan. Our new facility in Los Angeles will be the envy of all esports, and we need the best to help us be the best.

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Executive Assistant

Job Title: Executive Assistant for AWTF.
Type: Full Time.
Location: AWTF in Santa Monica, Los Angeles.
Reports to: CEO.

A successful candidate is:

  • Precise. The candidate must communicate clearly and accurately to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • Timely. Most of the candidate’s work will have quick and hard deadlines.
  • Accommodating. The candidate will help with bootcamps, seminars, summits, and all types of events that involve our players, managers, and leadership.
  • Organized. The candidate will be in charge of keeping everyone on-time and coordinating calendars. This includes scheduling appointments, meetings, events, and calls, as well as booking reservations, flights, accommodations, and other appearances.
  • Welcoming. As the front-of-house, the candidate will manage trips to the facility and usher visitors and guests.
  • Thoughtful. The candidate will help with gift selection for fans, add personal touches for employees, prepare thank yous and considerations for clients, and manage their delivery and correspondence.
  • Attentive. Many of our best ideas happen spontaneously, and the candidate will be tasked with documenting things such as policy updates, standard operating procedures, business plans, and plans-of-action.
  • Proactive. The candidate must be active in sending reminders, emphasizing deadlines, and relaying information to other staff members.
  • Discrete. Confidential information will be shared with the candidate on a daily basis, and they must understand the guidelines for sharing such information.
  • Brand aware. As a representative of Team Liquid, the candidate must be aware of the team’s brand, as well as our staff’s personal brands, when communicating on our behalf.
  • An excellent communicator. The candidate will converse with staff, management, players, clients, sponsors, company representatives, fans, and others. Must be comfortable communicating through text messages, email, on the phone, and in person.
  • A positive person. The candidate will have a big impact on the atmosphere, and a pleasant personality will help ease stress and tension.


  • Excellent written and verbal English.
  • Excellent critical-thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Excellent multi-tasking and ability to manage multiple staff across multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Ability to prioritize urgent projects based on deadlines and importance.
  • Astute research skills and attention to detail.
  • Client relationship management experience preferred.
  • Experience within and knowledge of the esports industry preferred but not required.

Job Description/Responsibilities:
  • Manage, organize, and update management calendars and schedules on a daily basis.
  • Manage a list of overflow correspondence, take down notes on the appropriate response, and manage communications on behalf of upper management.
  • Communicate with event coordinators and organize management schedules; send necessary documentation and review bookings and reservations.
  • Set up, schedule, and communicate client meetings, including dinner reservations, tickets, event times, and possible travel.
  • Handle correspondence for travelling or indisposed staff by relaying their schedule to relevant parties.
  • Maintain to-do-lists and checklists for management and remind them of pending deadlines and urgent decisions.
  • Attend meetings with management and take down minutes, record conversations, or document agreements.
  • Facilitate post-meeting agendas such as responding to emails, creating calendar invites, and writing down reminders.
  • Review facility management checklists with the team manager and assist when necessary.
  • Assist managers with market research reports.

A truly effective executive assistant is worth their weight in gold because they ensure that their entire team functions optimally. They should have a high stress tolerance, be self-regulating, and possess both reliability and consistency in their quality of work. Most of all, the best executive assistants understand how to prioritize, learn quickly and solve problems before they become an issue, and possess practically perfect organizational skills.

We are looking for an individual who wants to make a difference in our fast-paced industry. They should be energetic, conscientious, and detail oriented, while enjoying being part of a team. We value persons who take pride in their work and maintain a positive attitude.

Please include a cover letter that describes why you fit this description. Due to the anticipated volume of responses, we will only contact those candidates who most closely match our requirements and submit a cover letter that addresses our requirements above.

We offer attractive, competitive compensation and benefits including: Medical, Dental, Life, and Vacation and Personal Days.

How to Apply:

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to careers@teamliquid.net with the subject line "Attn: Executive Assistant Application".

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