Now Hiring: 1x HR and Talent Assistant

May 29 2018

Team Liquid, a leading esports organization, has an exciting opportunity for a motivated HR and Talent Assistant to join our Team. We are looking for an individual who enjoys a fast-paced environment and challenging work. Under the general supervision of our Controller you will be responsible for helping with the entire employee and contractor lifecycle from recruiting to termination and succession planning. following through on general recruiting and human resource duties and responsibilities mainly for our NA offices, but also assisting remotely for needs in our Netherlands office. This is a full-time, employee position that will be required to work out of our Santa Monica, CA facility

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One (1) HR and Talent Assistant

Job Title: HR and Talent Assistant.
Type: Full Time.
Location: Santa Monica, CA.
Reports to: Controller.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Recruiting
    • Work with department heads within Team Liquid to gather requirements, define roles and responsibilities for positions within the organization, and publish, recruit, screen and select candidates.
    • Develop job descriptions and fit roles and responsibilities within the organization that are optimal and make sense given current capabilities of the organization.
    • Manage all job postings on our sites and third party sites, screen all in-coming applications and manage responses and replies.
    • Help managers define appropriate compensation by providing market research information, employment type based on roles, responsibilities and market conditions.
    • Pre-screen resumes and execute phone screens before submitting applicants to managers and department heads. Ensure candidates are a good cultural fit for the company, regardless of position.
    • Check references, help draft offer letters in coordination with Legal and senior leadership

  • Develop Policy Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures
    • Coordinate with senior level management to help define policies and take experiences within the company to adapt policies over time.
    • Assist with HR and Talent, Travel, Expense, Facility, employee handbook policy development, deployment and adherence/adoption.
    • Ensure these policies and procedures meet federal and state requirements.

  • Training
    • Help build a new training curriculum and courses for new employees, internationally and domestic for a wide variety of positions within the company.
    • Develop orientation programs in coordination with Senior Leadership to provide a standard, but TL-customized experience for new hires.
    • Ensure all mandatory federal and state regulatory training is completed by each required member.
    • Keep our training up-to-date with the latest and greatest marketing assets, audio/visual, graphic, content that may be needed to convey our message. Manage version control over time.
    • Work closely with managers within the company to assist with improving their department-specific training documents/presentations and materials using the resources/software at your disposal.

  • Legal Assistance and Benefit Providers
    • Assist in all VISA and immigration work.
    • Help manage all on-going projects and new hires, both internationally and domestic, to ensure compliance with all local (municipality, region, state, and government) laws and regulations.
    • Help manage our benefits providers, keeping what we offer competitive.
    • Introduce new benefits to staff over time through vendor evaluation, selection and integration.
    • Preform these services for both our Dutch and Santa Monica offices.
    • First line of contact for benefit questions and coordination with the health insurance company.

  • Employee Reviews
    • Assist managers by helping them keep track of who is up for reviews and work closely with those managers to provide best practices, guidance and training on how to perform reviews.
    • Organize and collect feedback and keep stored thoughtfully for company records.
    • Assist with exit interviews and employee and contractor terminations.
    • Prepare onboarding/on-going/off-boarding checklists and ensure compliance with company requirements.

  • Reports
    • Assist in creating, delivering and providing guidance based on producing headcount, open req, turnover, compensation reports and supply information to department heads and senior leadership.


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • 1-3 years administrative, human resources or recruiting experience.
  • Excellent — we mean EXCELLENT — organizational skills. Detail-oriented and organized.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • An Associates or Bachelors’ Degree in HR or related field is a big plus.
  • Fluency in Dutch is a huge plus.

How to Apply:

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to with the subject line "Attn: HR and Talent Assistant Application".

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